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Gentlemen of the Highway

A detailed account of 60 years in transport.

The Book

I have been actively involved in the transportation business for 43 years, 25 of which were in a managerial position. After such a long time, memories frequently come to mind about how it all began for me, and what our company has come to be. I was born at the very end of 1938. The final stages of WW II, the liberation, and the reconstruction period are all still fresh in my mind. I intend to describe my adventures in the transportation business over a course of time. This time frame runs, as the title already stated, from the time that GMC and Fordson automobiles driven by generators fuelled by burning wood to the Multi Valve Turbo Intercoolers, which Volvo, amongst others, nowadays supplies to the company Rynart Transport (1998), where I waved the scepter for such a long time. As a fan of antiques and old cars, I think that a reflection such as this should be interesting enough to put down on paper. I hope that the people who read this will find some enjoyment in it.

“From generators fuelled by ‘Driving a truck is a pretty burning wood to Multi rugged Job. Responsibility, Valve Turbo Intercoolers Safety, and Courtesy are and Common Rail Engines.”

About the author.

Frans is the real eyewitness of an era of the truck life between 1945 – 2000. He lived the real stories of the trucking business in Europe, Turkey, Saudi Arabia up to Pakistan. This book will surely be a milestone in the history of the trucking business. There are many human and managerial lessons to be taken from his interesting stories. Frans paid his duty to society by writing these stories, as many of the people should have.
Thanks Frans.’ Fuat Yalsin, Istanbul

“Driving a truck is a pretty rugged job. Responsibility, safety and courtesy are substantial. So always be gentlemen of the Highway.”

Frans Rynart

Gentlemen of the highway.